In Remembrance of ...

Please feel free to fill in your special remembrance for your loved ones who have passed away.

Memorial Red Rose
In Memory Of
Message of Remembrance
José Maria Pereira, Natália Pereira, Paulo Pereira, Fr. Rafael Pereira
Jorge Pereira
For the repose oftheir souls.
Joaquim Rosa, Maria Amélia, Maria Tomásia
Maria Pereira
May their souls rest in peace next to the Lord.
Albert D’Souza and other deceased members of D’Souza family
Precilla Dsouza
You are part of us and we are part of you, this separation is a matter of time; we will join you soon
My grandparents
In loving memory of my grandparents.
Fedele Girardi
Vincenzo Girardi
In loving memory of my father. You are always close by watching over us.
Graziella and Ivo Badano, Enrico Zuffo
Elda Salvi
Rest in peace
Maria, Giuseppina, Erminia, and Iolanda Salvi
Elda Salvi
In loving memory of my beloved aunts
Maria and Guido Salvi
Elda Salvi
In loving memory of my parents
Josefina and Manuel Gomez
Gerardine Scully
Rest in Peace
Gerrard Scully, Blossom Scully, Andrew Scully, Luke Scully, Mary and Peter Wynne, Patsy De Souza, Julian Wilson
Gerardine Scully
Our bodies are temporary but our love is eternal.
Felicia Aurelia Antoaneta
Ioana Samareanu
Rest in the peace of God, dear mum. We miss you every day.
Adolfo Paredes
Mabel Paredes-Nichtova
Nov 2 being the 3rd year of my father passing away, may the Lord keep him in his garden in peace while we continue missing him, remembering him and honoring him as a beloved model in my life.