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Service Projects

We have undertaken different projects over the years.  For some projects we gave monetary support, others where we were actively involved in working within the community. 

We value this desire to help others using our talents where we can. 

We help the Little Sisters of the Poor in Brussels.

We help an orphanage at Christmas time.

We help OurNewChapter - an initiative started by some parishioners to help a school in India.

We have contributed to the building of a new school in India.

We have been supporting a seminarian in Uganda.

Confirmation students are required to do 10 hours of service within their own community.

If you know of a project, please let us know.




Financial Aid


Making a Difference

Solidarité - Grands Froids

This organisation based in Brussels collects clothes to distribute to the homeless community.

We will offer to organise clothes drives to collect clothes from parishioners and then send them to the organisation.

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Little Sisters of the Poor

This Religious community in Brussels looks after the less well off in Brussels, the homeless, the elderly.


We provide financial support during the year.

We offer our help in their community.

OLM PARISH presents

We are helping a school in India, in the Tamil Nadu region.  We raised funds to help start new classes for higher secondary education which they could not offer before.


We provided some sportswear collected from ST John's School in Waterloo.

Check out our website.

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Giving Tree

We provide gifts at Christmas time to an orphanage in Belgium. 


The children send us their wish list of clothing.  The Parish families take the tags and offer the gifts to the children.

Udangudi school New school construction

We have helped financially to start the construction of a new school in India, in the Tamil Nadu region.  We raised funds to help build the school and the local people have come together to do the work.  Visit our website to find out more and see the gallery of photos to show the progress they have made this year (since May 2021). 

Check out our website.

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