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The primary purpose of the Parish Religious Education is to oversee the work of the various programs in the formation of faith for children, youth and adults.

This commission has the primary responsibility: 
To oversee the work of the various parish education groups (young people and adult education, youth, sacramental preparation, etc)
To initiate new educational activities as needs arise.



  • Oversee the Sacramental preparation for the parish community.

  • To initiate new educational activities as needs arise.

  • To see that all activities are carried out in a financially responsible manner.

  • To endeavor to promote and ensure effective communication between the Pastor, DRE and teachers.

Classes for Children and Young People of the Parish

We are proud to offer a wealth of religious education to the children and young people of the parish from nursery to Confirmation classes. Our aim to help them develop a strong spiritual faith and become part of the parish community


Children eligible for First Communion are those who are in 2nd grade of elementary school (at least age 7). It is presupposed that the child has had some initial background in the Catholic faith. Concretely, this means that the child has previously attended RE classes, knows basic things about practising their faith, understands something about the importance of attending Mass and receiving the Eucharist, knows the sign of the Cross, is familiar with (ideally has memorised) standard prayers such as the Hail Mary, Our Father, etc. If the child has had no previous exposure to RE then it is the responsibility of the parents to teach the child these things so that the child may be part of the programme. We are happy to provide parents with resources for this purpose and a list of points that are expected to cover.

Children completing requested assignments and active parental involvement are non-negotiable requirements for the child to attend class and be part of the First Communion Parish celebration.

Children must have been baptised before being admitted into First Communion. Parents will be asked to provide baptismal certificates.


This sacrament is intended for our 4th grade religious education class, as per the policy in effect in this diocese. While children may hav already received this sacrament for the first time at an earlier age (in preparation for First Communion), a child's understanding of personal sin and personal responsibility develops significantly around the age of 10. Therefore, OLM uses this opportunity to teach this sacrament in a fuller way at this time.

NOTE: Chidren preparing for First Communion will have exposure to the importance of the need to ask forgiveness and be reconciled before God and with others in receiving Communion. Parental involvement, special meetings and children doing their homework are all required these children and their families will be honoured in a particular way during the Parish Lenten Reconciliation Service.


To be eligible for preparing for this sacrament, young people need to be in High School or, in exceptional cases, Junior High. They must be 13 years of age by September 1st of the year the preparation begins. The primary reason for this is that each sacrament of our Church is a sacrament received as a 'free choice', presupposing at the same time a a commitment to live out the meaning of the sacrament in our daily lives. The aim of receiving the Sacrament of confirmation is to become an active, full participant in the life of the gospel; practised in the tradition of the Roman Catholic faith. Young people of high school age begin to take more responsilibty of themselves and their choices. Connecting this sacrament with life experience can offer young people new insights on how they take responsiblity for the gift of faith given to them. Specific programme requirements will be distributed at the first meeting.


We are equally proud to offer a wealth of classes on a variety of religious themes for the adults of the parish. these conveniently coincide with the religious education for the children. Why not attend these whilst waiting to pick up your children.

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