During this Lent, why not learn about the Psalms below.

Colour in each picture.

One of the things psalms can teach us is patience!


Did you know that Moses was 80 years old before he led the exodus from Egypt?


Did you know Abraham was over 90 before God delivered him a promised child?

Did you know that Jesus, son of God and King of Kings, had to live on planet earth for 30 years before he could perform a single miracle?

Nearly everyone important to our Bible history has had to wait on God.


Waiting is a learned skill. It is part of our faith. In these times, when everything from movies to information can be gotten immediately on the Internet, we need to take extra steps to learn patience.

Psalm 46:10 says this: BE STILL AND KNOW THAT I AM GOD.


How many of you have ever had to wait for an answer to

Take some answers and examples.


Here’s an even harder question: How many of you have gotten impatient while waiting and sort of felt, in your heart, the Lord telling you: BE STILL? BE PATIENT? BELIEVE IN ME?

What is the unusual expression in this scripture? Look for sort of weird words:
Loving eye.

Even though we can’t see God, let’s never forget that he can see us. He will teach us in the way we should go. And the psalm makes it sound like a step-by-step thing.


We may not ever see all the reasons and all the future about a situation we are in. We may only see the way out one step at a time. Can we listen for God’s direction? One step at a time?

When you just can’t seem to please somebody enough with your best performance.

You can always say, well, even if my mom and dad were telling me I’m not good
enough, God is telling me I’m okay with him.

What is the key word that tells us how we can best learn from God? Be humble.


What does “humble” mean? Not thinking too much of yourself. Admitting how small and incapable
you feel in some situations.

Some good Christians, when they really want help from God, shout, LORD, I’M A GRASSHOPPER!
What does that mean? It means you feel small and like you could be blown over or squashed by this situation you’re in. It means you really need his help.

Being humble sometimes feels awkward. We like to feel big and blustery and strong.

Psalm 138:6 says, “God opposes the proud, but gives grace to the humble.” Being humble
means God can more easily teach you.