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In Remembrance of ...

Please feel free to fill in your special remembrance for your loved ones who have passed away.

Memorial Red Rose
In Memory Of
Message of Remembrance
Ana Peralta
Jaime González Peralta
Stay close to God and ask Him to look after her debited husband that miss her a lot.
Vincenzo Prenna
Sandra Prenna
We love you and miss you every day. However, we are comforted that your suffering is over and you are at peace with the Lord.
Rafael , José and Natália Pereira
Jorge Pereira
May you all rest in peace.
Maria Tomásia
Maria da Guia Pereira
In loving memory of my grandmother.
Joaquim e Amélia Rosa
Maria da Guia
In loving memory of my parents.
Graziella and Ivo Badano
Elda Salvi
Adriana Poggi, Maria, Giuseppina, Erminia and Iolanda Salvi
Elda Salvi
To my beloved aunts
Maria and Guido Salvi
Elda Salvi
My beloved parents
Vincenzo Girardi, Lucia Figliola, Pietro Aufiero, Antonietta Salerno
My dear grandparents always watching over us
Mr Thomson Tsuma
Rose Tsuma
Always in our hearts Dad
Fedele Girardi
Vincenzo Girardi
To my departed father, it has been 3 years since you left us. Thank you for watching over me and my family.
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