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In Remembrance of ...

Please feel free to fill in your special remembrance for your loved ones who have passed away.

Memorial Red Rose
In Memory Of
Message of Remembrance
Ion and Felicia Antoaneta
Ioana Samareanu
Gabrielle Juste, Noël Juste et Céline Moutou
Nathalie Juste
Ma maman qui vient de me quitter Gabrielle Juste je prie pour que le seigneur te guide vers lui et prie pour nous tous. Ta fille et ta petite fille qui t'aime. Et je prie pour mon papa Noël Juste ainsi qu'à ma mimie Céline.
Maria and Guido Salvi, Maria, Erminia, Giuseppina and Iolanda Salvi,Graziella and Ivo, Jacqueline and Egidio
Elda Salvi
In loving memory of my parents, my aunts and deceased friends
Adolfo Paredes
Nichta Family
Remembering my dear father on his 4th death anniversary now on November 2nd. May his soul rest in peace always. Amen.
Faye Dedynski & Dale
Elaine Trait Wellens
My much loved and missed mother She was a perfect mother. My brother Dale, who is missed and was such a good brother.
David Trait & Jacques Wellens
Elaine Trait Wellens
My Beloved husbands
Father Rafael Pereira
Jorge Pereira
For my uncle, a beneditine monk. May his soul rest in peace!!
José Maria, Natália, Paulo José
Jorge Pereira
For my parents and bother. May they rest in peace!
Maria Tomasia, Maria Amélia, Joaquim Rosa
Maria Pereira
Please pray for the souls of my parents and my grandmother. May they rest in peace!!!
Vincenzo Prenna
Sandra Prenna
In memory of my Husband. Love and miss you always.
My grandparents
In loving memory of my grandparents.
Fedele Girardi
Vincenzo Girardi
In loving memory of my father. You are always close by watching over us.
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